OPG has served the Southwest since 1979, a proven leader in Record Management. 35 years as a profitable business can only be obtained if you learn to change with new trends. From storage cabinets, to computer disk to storage terabyte's of data. A good business plan and continually revising that same business plan helped us to keep our customers. We progressed and grew do to our flexibility and desire to win. We continue to grow and now we are sharing that successful formula with other people striving to be entrepreneurs. J.L. Bell has led this company through good and bad times. He started his first business at 10 years old as a paperboy who bought inventory and sold it for a profit. That lesson learned early in life was the motivation for his success in business today. He now wants to share that formula with others as a Business Consultant. He looks forward to the challenge.

Serving the Southwest  For Over 30 Years

Filing & Computer

80% of new businesses fail in the first year." If it was easy, everybody would be doing it."  Most failures are do to under capitalization. With the right plan and hard work the capital can last longer and give you that extra time you need to win. Too many people loose their entire "retirement nest egg trying to capture that dream of being their own boss". Planning and experience are critical to success, don't attempt this challenge without them. You need a team and we want to be part of that team.

Consulting/Office Planning

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We carry a complete line of filing supplies including labels, indexes, guides, folders and software for keeping track of those records. We have created and installed over a 1000 systems. We use computer software to enhance the printing and to help charge those documents to your staff. Misfiles are controlled and information is "In the right place, in the right order, at the right time, and at the lowest possible cost" We supply the system and the tools to make it work perfectly. 

We know that as you grow your business you need to use the latest technology to scan your records into digital form. We have the tools and the plan to help your staff convert those records, or we can convert them for you. Indexing those scans is absolutely critical  to recalling your records when the staff needs them. This must be done in a timely manner as lost information can cost your company in lost customer service and business. A slow unorganized conversion can set you back years. Let us manage the conversion for you.