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    So, you want to be your own Boss.  How good is your business plan?

Why are some people successful and others not?

Some people are born leaders but their success is earned, not a gift. Hard work is a given, but that alone can't guarantee a winning business. Knowledge is power and responsible power can make us winners instead of losers. Information is available to anyone willing to learn. There are no shortcuts in winning, but some times luck prevails and helps us to win. Usually luck helps propel some of us, like a rocket, we appear to go straight up. It seems like we can't fall, but what happens when the fuel of luck runs out. It usually means a crash. Knowledge of how we reached that height can provide us a plan or parachute to save that rocket, your business. It's to late to save the ship when its on its way down. This"parable" helps us to understand that we need a plan for growth and a plan for retraction or failure when each happens. Surviving the ups and downs is really what business is all about. Can I guarantee your success in a new business? No, only you can do that. My job is to look through your plan, your capital, your desire and help decide if together we think it can work. My experience in winning at business can hopefully keep you from the pitfalls that I overcame in my 50 years of earning my living as a business owner.

Ask yourself these questions?

Why do you think your idea for a business will be successful?            
Have you researched other similar businesses that will be your competition?
​Is the market saturated with competition?
What can you do better that will give you an edge? 
Do you have the resources to stay the course? (Money, Time, Support)
Are you prepared to live without a paycheck for six months to a year?            Who will be your clients?
Are there enough clients to be successful?
Do you know clients who would promote a good product or service?          
You need to have passion about the idea of being an entrepreneur, owning your own business, getting a better paycheck is only part of the dream! The pride of doing it is a much better motivator.

Business Plan on a Napkin

If you have answered these questions and still think you want to be a "Rocket Man", then I urge you to make an appointment and show me your ideas and plans for winning at business. Don't worry, I will agree to a non-disclosure agreement. Your plans are safe with me. In 30 minutes I will have an assessment of what my experience thinks you need too do. Your Dream can only come true if you take the first step and then take one step at a time.

Go to the "Office Planning Division" link (Dollar sign symbol) and send me a inquiry message. Listen to these messages below for more help.
J.L. Bell    505-991-3414

   You don't want to use this "napkin plan" when your rocket is about to crash!

"Rocket Man".

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