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Office & Warehouse Storage

Storage is a expensive proposition when you must light, heat, air condition, insure and lease usually in the same space as the normal day to day offices. When compacted with mobile storage systems, you can realize a 70% reduction in these costs. Mobile can be used in interoffice spaces by departments to house the day to day supplies needed for efficent operations. These pod areas are placed throughout the building and can be locked to secure small equipment such as pads, calculators, extra cell phones, monitors and other devices needed from time to time for temps when doing short term projects.

Larger systems can be used in company warehouses for large item storage or old records.Floor space can approach $200.00 per square foot, so these systems pay for themselves with a ROI in very few years. For Previously Owned Systems for sale click >>>>>>>>>>

Examples of these systems are exhibited on this page.

An article

on green savings that appeared in Office Systems Magazine can

be viewed by following the green earth link at the beginning of this article. It explains the savings of our earth resources by using mobile.



Pallet Storage

Golf Clubs

Clothing and Uniforms


Drawer. & Shelf                           Locking                       Weapons

See The Space Savings Above.

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